The Real Zeel

Name: The Real Zeel
Herkunft: 51063 Köln, Deutschland
Genre: Hip Hop
Weitere Genre: Rap - Reggae
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Kategorie: Dj
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The Real Zeel

The Real Zeel is a Motivational Rapper from many parts of the world (including; Jamaica, Germany, England, Ghana and The USA). I am here to bring about awareness in the racial inequalities that the majority faces on this earth. I also talk about Mental Health and Relationships as we humans develop ourselves to be the best we can be, my Music RAPresents a will to connect back with our Ancestors and look to them for spiritual Guidance. Furthermore, I am also part of organizations such as Black Lives Matter and an Administrator for the Emancipation of Africa platforms. Currently, I am working on my Album which I am hoping to bring out in June 2022, but until then expect some more singles from me. My Message is to believe. Firstly, believe in yourself. That is the Basic. And once you see what power you have, use it for the good of the world by believing in a change for the best of mankind. We are all here for a purpose, let it be more than just the Dollar bills, but what the Heart wills. Be Real not Perfect.

Infos für Veranstalter

Hi There,
My music is based in Cologne Germany, I work with a DJ Set, that I am willing to bring with me to Events as well as my DJ. I also have a bass player and a Drummer. The Drum set can be brought in full or in part, should need be.

Meine Musik basiert in Köln, Deutschland, ich arbeite mit einem DJ-Set, das ich gerne zu Events mitbringen möchte, ebenso wie mein DJ. Ich habe auch einen Bassisten und einen Schlagzeuger. Das Drumset kann ganz oder teilweise mitgebracht werden, sollte es sein.

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