Two Step Flow

Name: Two Step Flow
Herkunft: 4425-677 Porto, Portugal
Genre: Alternative Rock
Weitere Genre: Rock - Jungle
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Demo Songs: Two Step Flow
Kategorie: Band
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Two Step Flow


Is it possible to play Rock'n'Roll without a guitar? Yes and you have to listen to this DUO.

Two Step Flow is a Jungle Rock duo that moves between psychedelia and modernity, in a fusion of sound with electronic elements, percussives, bass, drums and voice.

Wood Lusa and De Toni have stand out for their originality and the impactful performance on live presentations since 2017.

Infos für Veranstalter

- showtime: about 2 hours;

- we usually don't have staff when travelling;

- we need overnight stay, dinner and breakfast for 2 people;

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