Name: Nihiverse@Hotmail.Com
Herkunft: 2495 AT Den Haag, Holland
Genre: Alternative Metal
Weitere Genre: Progressive Metal - Metal
Homepage: Nihiverse@Hotmail.Com
Demo Songs: Nihiverse@Hotmail.Com
Kategorie: Band
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Are you tired of all those metal vocalist?! Great, We have have none! Because of that, we can fitt at almost any metalfestival. We play a good energetic live show with fast drums, catchy riffs and mandatory guitar solos!

Infos für Veranstalter

Technical rider. playtime: 40min  - Bass  - LeadGuitar  - RhytmGuitar  - Drums & samples 1x Bass ESP LTD 5-String (Ralf) - Hartke HA4000 400Watt bass amp - Ampeg classic 4x10 1000 Watt Cabinet   1x LeadGuitar - Ibanez 7string (Tim)   -Marshall JVM 215C. using: stereo 1X 220Volt. - Crate 4x12 CAB - Mooer Effects 2x 220Volts.  - Multi FX Boss Gt10   1X 220Volt. 1x RhytmGuitar - Ibanez 7string (Zdenek)  - DVMARK 40WATT valve amp.    1X 220Volt. - 1x12 EVH CAB & 1x12 Marshall  - Pedalboard: Multi analoge effects .   3X 220Volt. 1x Drums (Rubén) right-handed .  - 1x Bassdrum (+ 200bpm)  Pearl twin-pedal  - 3x toms  - floortom  - 5x Cymbals + HiHat  - Laptop for in-ear monitor  - intro /interluds/outro via laptop on drums  - light : green, blue, white & Strobo.   Monitor colouring: Bass: Lead guitar 50%, Rythm guitar 50%, Drums 20% LeadGitarist:     LeadGuitar 80%, Rhytmguitar 80% Drums 30% RhytmGitarist:    RhytmGuitar: 90%, LeadGuitar: 50% Drums: 30% Drums:                     No monitor needed - In-ear monitor. overnight stay: over 400 KM

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