Methods Of Massacre

Name: Methods Of Massacre
Herkunft: 24943 Flensburg, Deutschland
Genre: Deathcore
Weitere Genre: Death Metal - Progressive Metal
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Kategorie: Band
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Methods Of Massacre

Founded in 2008, in the heyday of deathcore, METHODS OF MASSACRE combined that genre with straight death metal strains performing for fans of both worlds. Holding up to their dark themed principles vocalist Hannes, guitarists Sven and Pascal, drummer Nico and bassist Jacob deliver powerful performances on stage, while touring all across Europe. After their first demo featuring guest vocals by HEARTBOUND vocalist Stefan, which became METAL HAMMER’s demo of the month, the RETALIATION EP, produced by Simon Hawemann from NIGHTMARER, was published. In 2021 the five-piece re-worked their sound to a modern and aggressive style to intensify their live shows and elevate the band’s game, as vocalist Hannes explains: “Our new tracks do have a much more contemporary and technical tone in contrast to the fictional and dreadful concept album we’re still working on. In times of a pandemic without the possibility for release shows and accompanying touring, we took it as an opportunity to show our fans a new, but nevertheless original side of the band. The upcoming songs’ mood as well as the lyrics go deeper with their real life significance and elucidate the inadequacies, anger and frustration leading to the knowledge, that life and society usually don’t act and react as expected or intended.”

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