Stony Sugarskull

Name: Stony Sugarskull
Herkunft: Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Art Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Stony Sugarskull

Stony Sugarskull (Berlin) aka Dr Monika Demmler infuses kraut/shoegaze/punk rock/psych/with healing sound frequencies.
"Stony Sugarskull are, on the evidence of this record, a force to be reckoned with. [...] Her Mazzy-starish vocals switching between English and German as smoothly as her music transcends genres. Shot through with a distinctly Berlin ennui [...] Lioness is a trip from start to finish." (Classic Rock Magazine)
"Ein starkes Album mit hörbaren VELVET UNDERGROUND-Anklängen und Bezügen auf MAZZY STAR, das einen ganz eigentümlichen Magnetismus entfalten kann." (Oxfanzine)
The sheer amount of variety and rich personality that exists within this record is simply staggering. You walk away from it just thinking nothing but “damn… what a hyper-talented, versatile band!” (Record Crates United)
"Each of the song is just full of so much life. It’s like each one of them is their own little album, forging through with big sounds and just feeling dramatic in the best possible way. It’s not often that I hear an album these days where it feels like each song could stand on its own merits, but what I love even more about LiONESS is that it is also able to follow that rhythm of loud to soft where you can tell an importance was placed on the album itself so that this is seen less as a collection of songs and more as a true overall experience from start to finish." (Raised by Cassettes)

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Wir sind sehr flexibel, spielen als solo, duo, trio oder full band.

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