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Name: Polmighty & Friends
Herkunft: 12489 Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Weltmusik
Weitere Genre: Reggae - Afrikanische Musik
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Polmighty & Friends

I am a musician Singer/Songwriter and Composer of the Cape Verde Islands. I make worldmusic from Capverde with Reggae grooves, Cabolove etc (danceable!) It started in Capverde I interessed very soon for music. My Father is also a musician and my Mother plays guitar sing and composer. My cusins as well.


I started lerning gitar in 1990 and my first Band name was " ECO" in 1995. Second Banda Nho Balta Sao Nicolau CaboVerde. In Lisbon, I was the lead singer of the regge band JAHVAI from 2002 to 2006 . Also as Duo Cape Verde music (PoloBanda) with the Bassit of FERRO GAITA from Cape Verde named Polino di Kotchy. I have already occurred in many venues / bars, etc. In my hometown Mindelo where I come from. In Cape Verde we played in Baía das Gatas Festival Performed in 2000 ours won songs ... In Frankfurt Main I played concert on the African Cultural Festival Frankfurt Rödelheim 2010 (Afrikanisches Kulturfest Frankfurt am Main), Sommerweft 2012 finanal concert. Opernplatzfest 2012/13/15.

In 2017. I Performed in Santiago Praia Capverde at 5Tal Da Música with 5Tal Da Música Band. www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2PLB25Q_RQ At JazzyBird Sao Vicente CapeVerde, at Galeria/LivrariaNho Djunga Sao Vicente Mindelo Cabo Verde. Stadtparkustik, Vogel Der Nacht & Bergestras Zeig Courage 2011/2012 in Bensheim. HardRock Lisboa, Festa do Avante Portugal, Teatro Sá da Bandeira,Teatro da Comuna, Cine Teatro de Loures, Voz do Operário, Chapitô Lisboa and many Festivals and citys in Portugal.

  Six years I lived in Frankfurt am Main, here I visited Dr. Hoch´s Conservatory | Music Academy 4 years long and taking classical guitars lessons .... then I was due for my recording CDs and Musical further education within the capeverdean music 2 year in Portugal 2012 to 2014 September.

I played in Beleza Lisboa, Café Imperio, Festival 40 Anos Inpependencia de Caboverde "A LUTA CONTINUA PELO AMOR!"it is the name of the album. This means as much as: The Fight Continues Trough / for the love! It's an album with 10 songs in various languages: Creole of Cape Verde, Portuguese, English as well and German. Some of these songs had been already played in HR2 "Hörbar" radio stations in Hessen Germany ... We have remained loyal to us and what the music influences are concerned are still as Priority Capverdean Traditional and modern, CaboLove, Reggae grooves, Classical guitar and jazz., etc. At moment, I am preparing for recording my second Album. Stay tuned

Infos für Veranstalter

Gesang, Bass, Schlagzeug, Leadguitar.

we move between Cape Verdean music Traditional, traditional contemporary and Reggae grooves. With an impact on the composition of original songs. In Creole, Portuguese, English and German. In Creole, Portuguese, English and German. Sometimes with funky grooves from West Africa going through a beat of Brazil culminating in the Lusophone countries. The acoustic guitar with classical guitar sounds is also part of the band's sound. Jazz accords often in original compositions and our reggae is not that standard reggae of jamica, but a mixture of the styles that influence and play us.

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