Name: Makadem
Herkunft: LV-3401 Nairobi, Kenia
Genre: Afrikanische Musik
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Kategorie: Band

Makadem,is a talented musician and vibrant performing artiste from Kenya. His stage presence, charismatic persona and powerful vocal delivery makes him a very unique african musician.
He is a singer,composer,author,performer and a multi instrumentalist who plays a unique Kenyan Luo Lyre called the Nyatiti a traditional 8 stringed instrument whose catchy trancy rhythms has endeared him to famous world Deejay producers producing house electronic music. He also plays the Kalimba (Thumb Piano) and the acoustic guitar among others.
Makadem the performer has three sets of performances; The Big Band ,The Nyatiti Jazz and the Electronic set each depending on the event.
He is widely traveled globally with yearly bookings to festivals and different kind of events.

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makadem ist oft in europa und somit sind die reisekosten und visa logistik oft minimal

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