Dj. Symbol-X

Name: Dj. Symbol-X
Herkunft: 34212 Melsungen, Deutschland
Genre: Elektronische Musik
Weitere Genre: Techno - Trance
Homepage: Dj. Symbol-X
Demo Songs: nicht Angegeben
Kategorie: Dj
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Dj. Symbol-X

(after an interview with W.K.)

His career as a musician started DJ. SYMBOL -X 1993. His preference was for the DJ and devoted himself to electronic music.

Out of his enthusiasm, he participated in the DJ Newcomer Contest:

in Berlin (2nd place)
in Munich (3rd place)
in Dortmund (2nd place)

But for DJ. SYMBOL-X was no reason to give up, he tried again in 1995 in Hamburg and thus landed in 2nd place.

He began to make his dream DJ in the electronic music world come true.

In 1995 he "got his first appearance in the Resident Club Prigoine (Bebra)"
1995/1996 hr3 New Year's Eve Party "hr3 - Club - Night" in Borken / Hesse
1996 Guest DJ in Frankfurt am Main "Festival" Sound of Frankfurt "

There he is learning DJ. Know Mark Spoon. DJ.SYMBOL-X can not believe his eyes when he sees him standing in front of his eyes! A role model, a master
of all DJs, what a coincidence or luck, the DJ. To meet Mark Spoon. Mark Spoon and DJ.SYMBOL-X became friends and colleagues in the
electronic music scene, DJ.SYMBOL-X and Mark Spoon shared their electronic music in various clubs throughout their time:

Airport - Würzburg (1997, 1998)
Dorian Gray - Frankfurt / Main (1997, 1998, 1999)
Omen - Frankfurt / Main (1998, 1999)

At festivals and on parades you were also at home, as well as seen in different countries:

MaydayX, Dortmund (1996)
Love Parade Berlin (1998, 2003)
Humanoid Convention Rave (2002)
Cosmic Space Feel the Bass Party (2002)
Streetparade Hannover (2003)
Sound of Frankfurt (2004)
Street Parade Zurich (2005)

In 2010 produced DJ. SYMBOL-X his first maxi single "ENERGY OF LOVE" and short
in 2011 his first album "THE SYMBOL - The Album"
2012 the second single "HEART TO HEART" (already awarded with double platinum)
2013 the third single "FANTASY WAVES" (already awarded 1 gold)

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