Twisted Rose

Name: Twisted Rose
Herkunft: 97232 Giebelstadt, Deutschland
Genre: Hard Rock
Weitere Genre: Heavy Rock
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Demo Songs: Twisted Rose
Kategorie: Band
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Twisted Rose

We give everything to entertain our audience Twisted Rose is a hard heavy band from würzburg. The 4 guy have the goal to entertain each and every person in die audience. Everybody should leave a Twisted Rose Show with a smile on his face. Twisted Rose's songs are deliberately simple and catchy. The promise to the audience of Twisted Rose: nobody will be able to keep their heads or legs still for a beat. What can you expect from a twisted rose show? Everything, but certainly nothing ordinary. Fire, blood, pyro, loud and driving hard rock anthems 

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Pyro und Konfettishooter Teilweise eigener Mischer Wenn keine Technik vorhanden, können wir ein kleines Setup selbst mitbringen

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