Name: Soda&Gomorra
Herkunft: 1160 Wien, Oesterreich
Genre: Avantgarde
Weitere Genre: Progressive - Nu Metal
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Kategorie: Band
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Soda & Gomorra is absolute, holistic, liberated and immaterial. It has transcended the ideology of politics. S&G’s music is based on avant punk, elements of experimental music, no wave, noise, electronica and drone. Sometimes it`s structured, often it`s improvised.

Soda & Gomorra was formed by Aleksandar Marković (voice, melodica) and Mikal Maldoror (drums) in 2016 in Vienna. First line up included Goran Pavlović (guitar), Thomas Wirthensohn (trumpet) and Tommy Jirku (bass). From 2017 the group was joined by Filip Rački (guitar) and Nenad Stankov (synth). During that period S&G published three singles: “Tschusch”, “Tut mir leid” and "Hundescheiße".
Musicians and members of S&G:
Voice & Melodica - Aleksandar Marković
Trumpet - Thomas Wirthensohn
Synth - Nenad Stankov
E-Guitar - Filip Rački
Bass Guitar - Tommy Jirku
Drums - Mikal Maldoror
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