Elina Laivera

Name: Elina Laivera
Herkunft: 45144 Essen, Deutschland
Genre: Pop
Weitere Genre: Singer-Songwriter - Electropop
Homepage: Elina Laivera
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Kategorie: Band
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Elina Laivera

Emerging from Mediterranean shores, ​multi-faceted vocalist and awarded songwriter ​Elina Laivera ​​has come to deliver a brand new musical sensation.

​As her fans put it...

''...the phaenomenal siren showcases vocal strength & versatility
that matches that of powerhouse singers such as Beyonce and Jessie J,
as well as possesses a tone so ethereal and yet rich and soothing
​that reminds that of a Leona Lewis in her prime''.

Yet she remains ''unmistakably Elina'' ​with that unique soul that sets her apart & an extremely flexible range of nearly 4 octaves.

''Her debut solo album ''Alchemy'' finds Laivera approaching heartbreak as a wake up call for re-examining ones self worth,learning to set personal boundaries, forgiveness and discovering self love through acceptance of the past.'' - ''She is first and foremost a singer, and most definitely one of the brightest new talents to emerge in the last few years. Secondly, she finds words for what most people, especially women, struggle to say in a lifetime.
“Alchemy” is something you will listen to years from now.''
- videomusicstars.com​

''Laivera is a fantastic singer! Not only is her vocal abilities outstanding,
but she also has an impressive knack for blending a bunch of different genres together in her music.In “Alchemy,” her debut album, the Mediterranean Shores native shines bright,gifting us with music that is pleasant, melodic, powerful, well-crafted,​soulful, and heartwarming.'' - ratingsgamemusic.com

''Avant garde and quietly sentimental, this album is brimming with class
and stays above the fray, never descending into a cheap pop sound.
She has a uniquely dynamic vocal delivery that really shows off her multi-octave range. ​Alchemy is a powerful album that delivers on every level.''
- stepkid.com

''Alchemy emphasizes Elina Laivera’s dominant message (...) while nothing distracts from Elina’s voice — bluesy and determined, proud and tearful, utterly exposed and fully human'' - xttrawave.com

''Every lyric on this album sounds as if it was written with the care of a poem,and Elina Laivera’s voice is truly mesmerizing. She truly uses her storytelling skills in the creation of her song lyrics.People may try to compare her to other, more popular singers,but Elina truly has her own style and flavor.'' - videomusicstars.com​

More info: http://www.elinalaivera.com/about.html

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