Name: Rera
Herkunft: Wien, Oesterreich
Genre: Electropop
Weitere Genre: Indie Pop - Adult Pop
Homepage: Rera
Demo Songs: Rera
Kategorie: Band
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ReRa went through exploring the depths of her music an becoming more in tune with herself. She changed her name from Rebecca_1147 to ReRa because she felt being more than just a number. ReRa's vision is more clear than ever before. Headed back to her roots and embracing her name Rebecca Rapp, is now on a journey! She is confident and her style is fresh and better yet!

She writes composes and co-produces her music all by herself!

Her new Album - Way Up - release on the 10th of January - sounds like a Playlist of all genres she loves. Her performance is artsy. She loves to combine art and music in a way nobody does!

Watching her on stage will give you a feeling you will never forget!

Infos für Veranstalter

We can set up with a big band - 6 -7 people - including the technic-guy

Or a small set with 4 people including the technic-guy

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