Glazed Curtains

Name: Glazed Curtains
Herkunft: 1040 Vienna, Oesterreich
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Alternative Rock - Hard Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Glazed Curtains

The good old Rock‘n‘Roll that the older generation likes to rave about, is coming back on stage with Glazed Curtains. With influences from the 60s to the 90s the newcomer band is keeping Rock alive. From heavy riffs to melodious ballads there are sounds for all tastes. Let yourself be thrown back into times where guitars squeak, voices break and drummers can let out their aggressions. This is music for all the ups and downs in life. A tribute to Rock. Welcome to Glazed Curtains!

Constantin Kary, Matei Balasoiu, Jay Mathes and Max Sulz love Rock and live for their music. Manual skills and pure passion mixed with a grounded sound make a concert you will not be able to forget so soon.

Glazed Curtains have thrilled their audience with their Rock-guitars and catchy vocals for over a year so far. Finally the time has come! On February 1st 2019 the four of them are going to present their first EP „Hey You“. On their debute they are not only going to let hard, filthy Rock rise again but also show themselves from their soft side.

Infos für Veranstalter

Wir sind eine vier-köpfige, junge Rock-Band aus Wien.
Wir können von 20 Minuten bis 2 Stunden eine energetische Rockshow abliefern.

Wir spielen folgende Instrumente:

Einen genauen Tech-Rider können wir gerne bei Interessen schicken!

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