Name: Stormzone
Herkunft: bt69bu Belfast, Irland
Genre: Heavy Metal
Weitere Genre: Melodic Metal - Heavy Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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The latest Stormzone album 'Lucifer's Factory' is the band's sixth release. Each album has been met with fantastic reviews receiving gushing praise from legendary Soundhouse DJ Neal Kay, the man who discovered Iron Maiden who recently was quoted as saying 'Why Stormzone is not up there with the cream of the crop is beyond me, it's only a matter of time before this band are huge'!

'Lucifer's Factory' is an album steeped in massive riffs and driving rhythms along with soaring powerful vocals from Stormzone frontman John 'Harv' Harbinson, who also designed the album cover artwork as he has done for previous releases. The latest album is full of huge numbers, each song based on a myth or legend from the band's native home of Northern Ireland. This also lends itself to the band displaying some of their celtic heritage with tracks such as 'Cushy Glen' and 'We Are Strong' as well as describing amazing characters and places from the folklore of Northern Ireland such as 'Albhartach', 'Dark Hedges', 'Hallows' Eve' and the title track 'Lucifer's Factory'.

The Stormzone live show now comprises of many songs from the latest album and promises to be as rich, powerful and interesting as the subject matter on 'Lucifer's Factory'!

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