Donia Touglo

Name: Donia Touglo
Herkunft: Köln, Deutschland
Genre: Weltmusik
Weitere Genre: Soul - Pop
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Kategorie: Band
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Donia Touglo

Extraordinary - Expressive - Magical
From WestAfrica to yet undiscovered Stars and Dimensions.

Donia Touglo is a Singer-Songwriter, Performance Artist, Actress and more born in Togo/ Westafrika, Based in Cologne, Germany.
She sees herself and feels as a Multidimensional being making an Earthling Experience.

In Her Music, She combines the sound of several worlds.
Donia Touglo is a naturally born Ambassador for connecting Hearts, Cultures and Souls.
Her Lyrics are about our Adventures called Life here with Mother Earth.
About Our Journey full of lessons, Love and blessings… etc.
And About The universe and beyond.
She Writes her Lyrics in Ewe, English and in the language of her soul.

And so begins the journey with her in West Africa and leads to undiscovered stars and dimensions.
The spectrum of her music ranges from:

Global Pop / Electronic /Afro - Neosoul / Psychedelic

Donia Touglo makes use of the variety of genres and styles and expresses it in her way.

Live Donia is either with Her DJ, DJ Freegah (Afrobeats, Afrohouse, and More) and with some Powerful, rhythmic live percussion from WestAfrika or with her founded interactive performance group: The Sunflowah Moon Tribe.

Donia Touglo is intense, extraordinary, expressive and unique, creating an atmosphere that stimulates and appeals to all the senses.

She is an artist on an expedition and an experimentalist, who with her music and performance dissolves the boundaries of time and space.

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