Name: Mirrar
Herkunft: 90478 Nürnberg, Deutschland
Genre: Electropop
Weitere Genre: Alternative - Synth Rock
Homepage: Mirrar
Demo Songs: Mirrar
Kategorie: Band
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"Bring out the Gimp, dead is disco" is one of the lines that could best describe the atmosphere behind Mirrars music.

Since their first EP back in 2017 they kept refining their sound to what it is today: A rollercoaster of moods which takes you back and forth between thrilling highs and manic lows.
With their new album, populated with samples and other-worldly sounds, the Nuremberg trio is pushing your sonic imagination beyond its limits and, at the same time, give you the feeling you’re in a familiar place.

Often a reference to the social events we live through today and, more often than not, brutally honest, the lyrics remained a central part of Mirrar’s music - a rather uncommon attribute for a contemporary Electro/Pop band.
Live, their catchy choruses will make you sing along and lose yourself dancing and in the end you’ll only promise yourself you’ll be back the next time.

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