Kora Winter

Name: Kora Winter
Herkunft: 10117 Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Metalcore
Weitere Genre: Post Hardcore - Progressive Metal
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Kategorie: Band
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Kora Winter

German Post-Hardcore newcomers KORA WINTER release their debut album ‘BITTER’ after receiving critical acclaim from the likes of VISIONS magazine, FUZE magazine and premiering on national radio at FRITZ. Concluding many tours and support shows for scene greats like JINJER, ROLO TOMASSI and EVERGREEN TERRACE, the band took the necessary time out to let the songs mature.

With BITTER, the band has created an album that grabs listeners, picks them up at that dark place and fights a way out of the downward spiral. From unfathomable frustration to escape into anaesthetic substances, to the bitter insight that the problems are not anchored somewhere else, but in yourself. What this realization reveals is that this also is where the solutions lie buried.

BITTER doesn‘t sound like a hasty compulsion to make a move, but rather like songwriting in love with detail, which is aesthetically pleasing both in terms of content and sound through the work of Nikita Kamprad (Ghost City Recordings, vocalist and guitarist of DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT) and Philipp Welsing (Original mastering, among others VAN HOLZEN, CALLEJON, KARNIVOOL).

It is exactly this self-confidence that makes KORA WINTER one of the most exciting newcomer acts in the German-speaking sector. Their sound is hard and characterized by elements of modern metal and post-hardcore, but their energy and message leave a lasting impression through spirited lyrics and unique songwriting.

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