Name: Xitan
Herkunft: 61462 Malte, Malta
Genre: Metal
Weitere Genre: Elektronische Musik - Industrial
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Demo Songs: Xitan
Kategorie: Band
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It was on an infernal scorching hot day in Hell whilst Xitan was overlooking some poor souls slaving away in a 50 C heatwave, from his comfy Air-Conditioned Studio sipping an Ice Cold Beer, when Satan Himself sent a WhatsApp Message calling an emergency meeting. In Between obscenities and blasphemies Xitan dragged his ass over to the Prince of Darkness's Office, wondering what for Fuck's sake was in store for him. Upon entering, Satan asked Xitan to sit on one of his Human Leather Executive Chairs, ''shit, this is gonna take long'' thought Xitan. Satan spoke "Xitan I am bored out of my wits-end, and so I need you to produce a Record for me'' Xitan said ''A record is not so easy to produce and it takes a lot of time" "Nonsense, God created this Fucking Hell in 6 days, surely we can produce at least a goddamn Single by next week right? Besides, you don't have anything to do, and it's been a long time since I gave you a real job'' said Satan, Xitan not wishing to contradict the Master ''Well it certainly is possible, Master, and what musical style are you after?'' "None of that Pop and RnB commercial shit, I want a sexy beat where fine chicks can shake their booty in the Pit fused with some fast Metal for some Brutal Mosh Pits'' Satan said. Xitan, already knowing the answer "And what is it going to be about?" "It needs to be about me, about what God did to us, and about our upcoming retribution. The aim is to win over to our side, as many Humans as possible!''
The following day Xitan had to drag all his Synths, Guitars, Drum Kit, Microphones, and Mix Consoles from his Studio to Satan's office since Satan couldn't be bothered to record at Xitan's place, plus there where no Human Leather chairs set up in Xitan's Studio.
And so it began: In the Beginning, Satan dropped some sick beats, and on the first day the drum track was created. Then Xitan brainstormed with some Baselines and Satan saw that it was good and so on the second day, the Bass track was created. Satan Picked a Guitar and started Jamming, and it was so, that on the Third day all Brutal Guitars where created. On the fourth day, Satan said, "Fuck this, I'm tired let's call it a day" and so nothing happened on that day. The following day both Satan and Xitan where loving the Track so far and laid down the Synths. By the end of the fifth day, the Synth Melodies were created.
All that remained where the Vocal lines, and so Xitan took on the deep clean vocals and Satan the growls, brainstorming Lyrics on the go, and thus on the sixth day, the Track was complete.
Xitan proceeded with the Mixing and Mastering, and so finally on the seventh day the First Single ''Satana" was Forged from the Bowels of Hell!

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