Donia Touglo

Name: Donia Touglo
Herkunft: Köln, Deutschland
Genre: Weltmusik
Weitere Genre: Soul - Elektronische Musik
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Kategorie: Band
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Donia Touglo

Donia Touglo combines the sound of several worlds in her music. The journey with her begins in West Africa and leads to undiscovered stars and dimensions. She writes her texts in Ewe, English and in the language of her soul. The spectrum of her music ranges from
Afrobeats / Electronic / Global Pop / Neosoul
Donia Touglo makes use of the variety of genres and styles and expresses it in her own way.
With her new founded performance group: The sunflowah Gang and in collaboration with Dj Freegah, who plays Afrobeats, Afrohouse and GQOM, Donia Touglo and her team create an exceptionally intense and unique interactive performance that appeals to all the senses and that needs to be Experienced by oneself.
Donia Touglo is an artist on an expedition and an experimentalist, who with her music and interactive performance dissolves the boundaries of time and space.

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