Name: N.I.M
Herkunft: 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland
Genre: Electropunk
Weitere Genre: Rock - New Wave
Homepage: N.I.M
Demo Songs: nicht Angegeben
Kategorie: Band
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How did we get here?

This is a short story on your new favorite band to be.

Beginning in 2001 when Diego Mendoza first grabbed his bass guitar, until his early 20's he performed with the Spanish/English rock band, "Curanderos". In 2008, the band made it to the best bands of the global Battle of the Bands competition, playing at the Scala Theater in London as one of the finalists.

After the break up of "Curanderos", Mendoza wouldn't put his mask away (which has become kind of a trademark).

Joining with Guitarist Juan Del Diablo and Drummer Sonya Garcia, "Curanderos" were reborn as "No Importas Mas" (N.I.M).

Asked about the band's music genre, fans and listeners certainly say it's "different“ in the way that it combines easy punk and rock elements with modern electronics and a sense of New Wave. Something that you feel like you already know but can't quite put a finger on it.

The musical themes are definitely taken out of real life, yet a life people usually feel uncomfortable talking about, a life that takes place in their minds, iPhones and bedrooms but never spoken out loud.

The band's biggest attraction is their live performance. Masked and playing blind while switching costumes is only the beginning. Their sets are entertaining, yet not too overloaded and to be totally honest with you at that point: One can't promise that Mendoza will keep his clothes on the whole time... (so far there haven't been any complaints about that.)

During one of their early performances, when they were playing in a local metal club, I heard one guy in the audience turn around to his girlfriend and say, "What kind of drugs does the singer take?!“.

- And so it is.

No Importas Mas.

Infos für Veranstalter

Liveset for at least 30 minutes (max.75 minutes)


We request a place 2 stay at for gigs that are more than 200 Km away

Former known under the Name "Curanderos"

Battle of the Bands Winner for Germany in 2008.

Live Show has erotic features in it (mask, video etc.) - might not be right for kids eyes

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