Supremacia Terrenal

Name: Supremacia Terrenal
Herkunft: L-4442 Soleuvre, Luxemburg
Genre: Latin
Weitere Genre: Folk - Folkrock
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Kategorie: Band
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Supremacia Terrenal

Touring as a brother's band, Supremacía Terrenal is undoubtely presenting a solid and versatil musical proposal, fusing latin music with folk and funk, bluring bounderies. Wonderfully dynamic on stage, Sri Nassú Bowé's extraordinary skills on the guitar stand out.

The band’s objective is to unite friends, to connect people willing to help, to love, to cross borders, to change the world; supreme friends who bother about our planet, who don’t want to be simple consumers in our marvelous world; friends who are ready to open their heart and their soul towards happines.

Sri Nassú, founder of Supremacía Terrenal, gathered stage experience touring all over Spain with bands like "El Paso del Trueno", "Ara Musa Honra", "Pedro Picasso"; nevertheless he developed his artistic growth within the mystery of the Amazonian jungle of Peru. His childhood was surrounded by the magic, we may learn from the immeasurable deepness of the jungle. Without the noise of television and internet, he was able to concentrate on his gift, in order to develop the impeccable technique, he’s expressing today.

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