Name: X-Band
Herkunft: 64291 Darmstadt, Deutschland
Genre: Hard Rock
Weitere Genre: Heavy Rock
Homepage: X-Band
Demo Songs: X-Band
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von X-Band

X-Band was founded in Aug/2015 when Gust, the Singer/Rhythm Guitar, met Daniel, the Drummer, with other musicians. As history goes, they finally got Carlos as Solo Guitar ...good combination as Gust loves Beatles and Queen, Dani Whitesnake and Carlos Led Zeppelin, Metal....they set together with 70s Hard Rock...and then came the 1st Song "Nurzse" (germanized from Nurse) inspired on the story told on UFO's Dr. Dr. Song. Bass player...always changing...but finally Markus came along and boosted the Band...and he likes Jazz! The Band name came from the high energy Frequency spectrum X-Band (8-12GHz) used at ESA for communication with Interplanetary Probes and Satellites. It links the Band to high energy music...Hard Rock! (cosmos.esa.int...e/spacecraft , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Band_Satellite_Communication) The Band Symbol was designed by Gust from a mix from German and Schottisch Flags with color palette changed to ultraviolet (spectrum above X-Rays) with mirrored triangles representing the Band members. Band-Studio is by the way in Röntgenstr (X-Ray in German) in Darmstadt. ;-)

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