Ethnic Beatbox Duo

Name: Ethnic Beatbox Duo
Herkunft: 12045 Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Weltmusik
Weitere Genre: Ethno - Beatboxing
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Kategorie: Band
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Ethnic Beatbox Duo

We are happy to present our recent project DUO Ethnic beatbox and percussion, inspired by the roots from Martenique to Palestine and the urban taste of Paris and Berlin

David X one of the most unique talents from France is a “one-man band”. He has practicedbeat-boxing for 20 years and mastered all of the possibilities offered by the voice. He imitates talking drums, congas, darbuka, tabla, brass, bass and the list is still long! David also builds his own instruments; with his endless imagination he builds electro-acoustic prototypes, which are a mix of guitar, violin and percussion. The magic appears when David blends his vocal mastery whilst simultaneously playing the violin, guitar, loop station and dancing!
David loves to share his vocal discoveries with who ever wants to learn; he gives workshops in schools, community centers and festivals around the world working with children, people with learning disabilities, refugees, prisoners and more…

Romeo Natur
is a musician who was introduced to oriental percussion by his family at the age of six. His first concert he played at the same age with a percussion ensemble named Van Kampen. He played with different bands such as Agujeta Chico, Azuleo, Hans Hartmann, Embryo, Debjit Pahari Apart from percussion, he is also experienced in playing the Nay, an Arabic woodwind.His recent projects is LatinArab and also he lived in italy and palestine and brasil Where he perfomed and thought music to children with migration background
breathing beat with roots of Martenique and Middle east, and the urban flavour of Paris and Berlin. A project by Davidx and Romeo Natur.

Infos für Veranstalter

1x DIbox
2x sm58
1x static dynamic mic
2x Stühle ohne armlehne
2x Congas
1x Cajon
1x Crash stand
1x Jambe stand

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