Ibahim Keita & Nankama

Name: Ibahim Keita & Nankama
Herkunft: 35000 Rennes, Frankreich
Genre: Weltmusik
Homepage: Ibahim Keita & Nankama
Demo Songs: nicht Angegeben
Kategorie: Band
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Ibahim Keita & Nankama

With 3 albums to their credit and 25 years of career, members of the group Ibrahim Keita and Nankama, are said to "bring joy."

All come from griot families, they modernize traditional Mandingo rhythms, blues, salsa, afro beat, reggae or funk.
Congests at the djembe, from n'goni to kora, we go through all the African instruments. Ibrahim Keita griot modern, poly instrumentalist, carries us in his passion, inheritance received from the old griots, guardians of the stories and the music of the honest men.

The group Ibrahim Keita and Nankama, formed in 2010 in Burkina Faso, is a sharing of Burkinabe and African music through the joy, warmth and savoir-vivre conveyed by the elders.

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