No Time To Expect

Name: No Time To Expect
Herkunft: 67659 Kaiserslautern, Deutschland
Genre: Alternative Metal
Weitere Genre: Metal - Hard Rock
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Demo Songs: No Time To Expect
Kategorie: Band
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No Time To Expect

“You think, you’re a hero now? …“ (Quote: “Why Should I Say, You Could Be A Hero?“) The easiest way to describe "No Time To Expect", the fiveheaded metalband from Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Hard Guitarriffs, soft melodies, mighty Guitarsoli, back to the huge fundament of the Bass and Drums.

Those five men can't and don't want to imagine their lifes without music or No Time To Expect.  

Their socialcritical lyrics are attended with the stagesetting excites to reflect about a lot. Together they make the audience bounce their heads!

The Band was founded in 2011 and their greatest influences are made up of classic as well as modern bands of heavy metal.

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