Of Colours

Name: Of Colours
Herkunft: 60311 Frankfurt Am Main, Deutschland
Genre: Metalcore
Weitere Genre: Metal - Progressive Metal
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Of Colours

With the highly anticipated release of their debut album ‘Entelechy’, OF COLOURS prove that after the singles ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Hearts and Minds’ they still have a lot of highlights up their sleeves. Emotional density and complex guitar riffing paired up with expressive vocals and emotional shouts that are able to embody not just hardness but vulnerability as well. OF COLOURS – capturing, uncompromising, authentic.

The first steps of the modern metal quintet from Frankfurt am Main, Germany seemed to be easier as for many other young artists because all members, especially frontwoman Anne Brendel, are firmly anchored in the networks of their home area and the scene. One self-released single was enough to bring the band to stage with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, NOVELISTS and CARCER CITY.

OF COLOURS took their first festival summer by storm as well: Not only they played the Traffic Jam Open Air but also the Reload Festival after they had confidently won the festivals own newcomer contest. In the course of this festival Anne also took the leading role in the ‘Heavy Metal Hörtest’, an advertisement campaign by the German Barmer health insurance (1,5 million views on YouTube alone). In the ad she didn’t only show a frightening good acting performance but also gave a glimpse on her impressive voice. The campaign by one of the biggest German insurance companies was realised by the renowned agency Grey Germany.

That a functioning network does inspire to bigger things seems quite natural after all: OF COLOURS won’t just play a modest release show, at the end of April, they invite their fans to their own indoor festival in Frankfurt before they are going to tour throughout Germany with MALCOLM RIVERS (Redfield Digital). On ‘Entelechy’ another friendship comes into play: As if the track ‘Wildfires’ wouldn’t prick up the listeners’ ears already, the clean vocals are sung by Mattéo Gelsomino of NOVELISTS and it’s safe to describe the purpose of this feature more than just the need for namedropping.

Infos für Veranstalter

Tech Rider - 2018: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UMfmVut9SI_JeCdU7T6R7oX0d2r3zVlr/view?usp=sharing

Set-Length: approximately 45 Minutes

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Of Colours

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