Teflon Muz

Name: Teflon Muz
Herkunft: 30853 Langenhagen, Deutschland
Genre: Hip Hop
Weitere Genre: Rap - Trap
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Demo Songs: Teflon Muz
Kategorie: Band
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Teflon Muz

Teflon muz is an English rapper based in Hannover Germany.His storytelling skills and dope flow has got him the local views in the city. He is known by most of the young hip hop listeners in hannover and its sorrounding.
His full squard consists of his three producers and a back up singer. They choose to call themselves 'Teflon Muz and Friends'. Teflon Muz has been with his band to different shows including the Hangover Jam in 2017 and the Sph Bandcontest this year.

Infos für Veranstalter

Lightshow, Microphones and Dj mixing table.

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