Name: Owna
Herkunft: 6828 EP Arnhem, Holland
Genre: Techno
Weitere Genre: Tech House - Elektronische Musik
Homepage: Owna
Demo Songs: Owna
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Owna
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OWNA is an electro-acoustic trio from Germany based in the Netherlands.  
Blending techno and improvisation within their virtually traditional setup of Bass, 
Drums  and Synths makes them constantly push the boundaries of dance music.   
A live performance with real instruments rather than pre-produced sets or playbacks    
- every note stays true to the moment. By merging low frequency basslines,  
energetic rhythms and hypnotizing synth-melodies into an unyielding sound-machine,  
OWNA will force your body into motion.

Infos für Veranstalter

General Info:

- we're a live-band that plays original techno music
- we can either play one set of 60 minutes, or two sets of 30-45 minutes each
- we can bring our own sound-technician, if needed

Things we need:

- a stage/space of at least 5x4 meters
- a strong PA with subwoofers
- at least 14 available FOH-Channels
- at least three monitor-speakers

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