Exit To Eden

Name: Exit To Eden
Herkunft: 1070 Wien, Oesterreich
Genre: Gothic
Weitere Genre: Alternative Metal
Homepage: Exit To Eden
Demo Songs: nicht Angegeben
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Exit To Eden
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Exit To Eden

Goth'n'Roll From The Future - EXIT TO EDEN 

the way out into Paradise, or the entrance into another world... Vienna's Goth'n'Roll Band invites to attend to an extraordinary trip! EXIT TO EDEN released their second full length Album 'II' on September 25th in 2015, after more than one year intense work and preparations. The result is an elegant Digipack, containing 9 powerful but emotional songs guided by a beautiful artwork, including lyrics and photos.

The Band started in 2002 recording the first DEMO CD 'Under The Sky' and was also represented on the 'New Dark Age Vol. 1' sampler released 2003 on Strobelight-Records.

In 2007 EXIT TO EDEN has finished recording their second DEMO CD 'Holy Love' including 6 previously unreleased songs. The full length album 'From The Other Side' was released in 2010, followed by the video clip for their song 'Sarah'. In 2013 the 'Hiding the Light' EP was released, which was the beginning of the work for Exit to Eden II. Looking back to numerous live shows and important gigs together with New Model Army, Tanzwut, Nik Page, Vic Anselmo, Combichrist and many more, EXIT TO EDEN finally came out to be one of the most important and influential bands of Vienna's gothic scene. However it may shall continue, and so EXIT TO EDEN focus on old strengths and a new discovered entity, in which they present themselves enhanced and compact as never before: the path is evident and about to be entered, together with their fans ... follow us!

2002 wurde die Band EXIT TO EDEN gegründet. Die erste Demo-CD "Under The Sky" wurde auf dem Sampler "New Dark Age Vol.1" von Strobelight Records 2003 veröffentlicht. 2007 erschien die zweite Demo-CD "Holy Love" mit sechs unveröffentlichten Songs. 2010 folgte ein erstes Album in voller Länge "From The Other Side". Der Titel "Sarah" daraus wurde als Videoclip produziert. Im Rückblick auf zahlreiche Live-Shows und Gigs u.a. mit "New Model Army", "Tanzwut", Nic Page, Vic Anselmo, "Combichrist", ist EXIT TO EDEN eine der wichtigsten und einflussreichsten Bands der Wiener Gothic-Szene.

Das neue Album erscheint 05 / 2018!

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