Name: Cinkusi
Herkunft: 10000 Zagreb, Kroatien
Genre: Ethno
Weitere Genre: Folk - Weltmusik
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Kategorie: Band
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As a basis of their music Cinkusi use rich cultural heritage of Croatia,mostly from kajkavian dialect of northern Croatia, from which they interpolate their own authorship, approach, literary role models, and even cliches which evoke collective sensibility. A marvelous example of «translating» a traditional song's into an explosive pieces of punk, freak-folk, brilliant ballad's, country bluegrass celebrations or subtly combination of waltz and cabaret with
admixtures of neo-folk underground. Completely open to the many metamorphoses of rock, psychedelic, jazz to clues expressive and even chamber music. Using mostly acoustical instruments (violin, mandolin, acc.guitar, double
bass, el.guitar saxophone, djembe and drum) Cinkusi offer a new dimension as they transform into a good mood machine. It is recommended in large quantities at the end of the day when everything else is done.

Infos für Veranstalter

Running time: Approximately 60’- 110’
7 Artists
1 Sound engineer: (Igor 091/5038553,

Backline equipment - need to provide:
Drums set
Bass Amplifier (By agreement)
El. Guitar Amplifier with distortion (By agreement)

P.A. System & Monitors: In reference to off stage sound system we can use what is already available in the performance site for full spectrum coverage of the venue with:
- Mix console (20 channel need)
- Monitor console
- Drum monitor + 4 front monitors = 4 monitor groups
- 2 Side Fills monitors
- all microphones + stands
- 3 direct box

Lighting system: In reference to lighting system we can use what is already available in the performance site.

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