Coconaff & Friends

Name: Coconaff & Friends
Herkunft: 1064ES Amsterdam, Holland
Genre: Weltmusik
Weitere Genre: Flamenco - Folk
Homepage: Coconaff & Friends
Demo Songs: Coconaff & Friends
Kategorie: Band
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Coconaff & Friends

CocoNaff & friends is an oriental fusion band. The music is based on Arab traditional songs with the mix of flamenco rhythm. The range of the songs reaches from rearranged Syrian traditional and sarcastic songs. CocoNaff & friends explores the connection between Damascus and Andalucia. An experimental music genre reconnect the soul of mushahat with the sounds of Al Andaluz.

Infos für Veranstalter

-maximum of playing : 105min -accommodation needed from more than 130km around Amsterdam - Equipment rental would be great ( mics, jacks)

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