Name: Sorrownight
Herkunft: 99086 Erfurt, Deutschland
Genre: Dark
Weitere Genre: Rock - Alternative Rock
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Demo Songs: Sorrownight
Kategorie: Band
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Sorrownight's five musicians who describe their genre as Melancholic Rock,
do completely stand behind their art.

The catchy melodies harmonise with the thoughtful lyrics. Their profoundness gives lots of space for interpretation and identification.

Sorrownight's melancholically romantically philosophy transcends the musical intentions way more, though. It is rather a way of life which does not only want to vivify people to cogitate but also wants to touch the listeners' hearts. Thus, concerts are an essential component of the band which are consisting of two guitars, one bass guitar, vocals and drums and keyboards, wherewith they already successfully shared the stage with the band MEGAHERZ. In september 2016 the Band joined Florian Grey and Eyes Shut Tight for their "Banished and Gone" Tour .

Founded (established) in June 2015, the published their EP "Hellish Sacrifice" in March 2016 and do already plan on recording a new record by the end of 2016.

Since 2017 Christine Shadow completes Sorrownight with keyboarsounds and a female aura after she already played some acoustig gigs with Sorrownight in the band.

Some popular bands' influences gave them plenty of inspiration, but there is one thing all five artists agree on:

"Sorrownight sound like Sorrownight."

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