Cosmo & Tito

Name: Cosmo & Tito
Herkunft: 50935 Köln, Deutschland
Genre: Elektronische Musik
Weitere Genre: Dubsteb - Electro
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Kategorie: Dj
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Cosmo & Tito

In 2013 Bela Wanders and Stephan Jaschonek from Cologne founded the Dj-Duo „Cosmo & Tito“. They began playing minor Gigs at School-Parties, making Mashups and presented them in small Clubs. At that time EDM had a huge influence on them so their style developed towards it. After playing at the Farbgefühle-Festival in 2014 and continuously growing success in socialmedia the first milestone was reached.
But soon they decided to change their genre, because their taste of music changed over time.

It took one year to reinvent their style and so they started freshly in 2016.
Having the focus now on Trap/Future Bass and Dubstep the change of genre payed off as soon as they won the „We want you - Contest“ in the legendary Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany.

Gigs at Bootshaus, Auditorium (Erkelenz), Odonien and other Clubs followed. In November 2016 Cosmo & Tito started another project: Their first own Party R3CK!ESS had a successful opening in a cologne based Club.
However their development as musicians endured. After releasing their first remix „Feel your Love (Cosmo & Tito Remix) - Dannic ft. Sick Individuals“ they also released their first Single „Rollin’ up“.

The next step is to spread their music, create more of it and bring it to the people out there!

Infos für Veranstalter

Feel free to contact us! We mainly play Trap-based Dubstep/Futurebass Sets and also produce our own music in this direction. We'd love to share our music with your audience!

Best regards,

Cosmo & Tito.

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