Name: Insidead
Herkunft: Berlin , Hessen, London, Deutschland
Genre: Thrash Metal
Weitere Genre: Power Metal - Speed Metal
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Kategorie: Band
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From ancient times until today, the spiritual man who left behind thestandard way of life and the materialistic mentality, was referred to as a dead alive. A first etymology of the word InsIDeaD, is of course a person who is dead inside. However, this death does not sy mbolize the end, but the beginning, not the inertia, the stagnation or even the sepsis that death brings in the material body, but the passage from one state of onsciousness to another.

Founded officially in 2005 by the guitarist and vocalist George Tsantilas and the bassist Nick Mylonas, InsIDeaD left very so on their footprint on the underground metal scene. Dimitris Manolopoulos (drums) and George Papadimitropoulos (guitars) completed the band’s line-up at the time. This line-up went on until 2009, when Dimitris Theodorou replaced Papadimitropoulos as the band’s second guitarist. From 2012 to 2014 the band’s format made some changes and ended up with George Tsantilas (vocals, guitars), Dimitris Manolopoulos (drums), Tasos Asonitis (guitars) and Konstantinos “Zeus” Kontos (bass) .

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