Name: Luwak
Herkunft: 20148 Hamburg, Deutschland
Genre: Metal
Weitere Genre: Hard Rock
Homepage: Luwak
Demo Songs: Luwak
Kategorie: Band
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"Wir machen nicht die Musik,die den Leuten Spaß macht, sondern wir machen die Musik die uns Spaß macht!" - Irfan.

Boby, Ihsan, Irfan and Adrian started their career as hobby musicians with a recording session of their first songs (including the first version of "Til' the Last") at Adrian's home using an Aldi-PC's built-in soundcard and a gaming headset in 2007. Since Irfan had just begun playing bass during that time, the bass lines were recorded by Adrian. Shortly after, the group performed their very first gig on New Year's Eve of the same year, covering songs by Rage Against the Machine (e.g. "Killing in the Name Of") as well as introducing some of their own material in front of a perhaps then unsuitable audience. Unperturbed by this minor setback, they continued materializing their ideas by recording their first EP using the same methodical approach.
In 2009, the group officially coined their name "Luwak" upon deciding to participate in the band competition "Emergenza" which, however, they eventually quit after qualifying for the second round due to academic reasons. A year later, Adrian moved to Berlin for his studies and shortly thereafter, Vega was introduced to the band during his stay in Hamburg for an internship - "Luwak" now continued pursuing their musical ambitions with their newest member by recording newly written songs.
In 2011, Luwak joined the Indonesian band contest "Gaung Garuda", performing their original songs "Jasa" and "Dunia Nyata". After the competition, the band continued progressing individually as each member worked on refining their music skills.
By the end of 2012, Luwak started to gain interest in videography and thus commenced initiating video projects as they rearranged older songs by incorporating contemporary metal elements into their music.
After receiving enough votes to win the audience's choice in the audition for Rock for Good in June 2013, Vega decided not to participate in further gigs for the meantime to concentrate on his master thesis. Fortunately, the former guitarist of the unfortunately now disbanded band "Before I Forsake", Norman - who, additionally, had already helped the band on numerous occasions by lending Luwak his equipment - readily filled in Vega's place at the guitar. Now, Luwak continues advancing musically as they continually record songs in anticipation of the release of their first Album.

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