Tycho Barth

Name: Tycho Barth
Herkunft: 21107 Hamburg, Deutschland
Genre: Acoustic
Weitere Genre: Rock - Blues
Homepage: Tycho Barth
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Kategorie: Band
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Having lived on different sides of the globe, itís no surprise that singer-songwriter Tycho Barth is always hungry to showcase his music to the world.

Now based in Leeds, UK, his unique and colourful style of songwriting as well as his technical guitar playing encompasses elements of acoustic rock, funk and blues with the heartfelt passion of folk.
Both profound and poetic, Tychoís lyrics tell stories of life and death, love and loss, childhood memories and toughly gained wisdom. These are presented in a diverse songwriting style that incorporates a range of influences to create his own hand made, intimate brand of rock.

Gigging relentlessly for 7 years, the experienced performer knows how to captivate an audience, whether it be solo in a small club or leading a band playing to a festival crowd.

With a pile of new songs and a second tour of Germany in the pipeline, Tycho Barth is soon to be making his mark as one of the most talented up and coming singer-songwriters to come out of Leeds College of Music in 2015.

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