Philipp Heese

Name: Philipp Heese
Herkunft: 48147 Münster, Deutschland
Genre: Acoustic
Weitere Genre: Indie Pop - Folkrock
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Kategorie: Band
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Philipp Heese

Philipp Heese is no ordinary Singer/Songwriter. By crossing and expanding many genres, he creates an electrifying blend of Folk, Indie, Brit-Pop and Alternative-Pop. By the age of six he started playing the guitar, followed by his first band by the age of 14. Here he quickly learned that musical genres don't have to be tight at all and that everything that moves you can influence your music.

After ten years of performing together, his band eventually split up in 2010. Since then, Philipp has been touring as a Singer/Songwriter, where he finally found his musical niche.

Philipp's songs are an always honest and personal insight into the thoughts of a man with a very melancholic side. While his songs might sometimes be sad, you can always see the silver linings on the horizon.

On stage he always felt a little alone without the back up of a whole band behind him, so Philipp plays many songs using a loop-station to create rhythms and beautiful harmonies.

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