Name: Leonora
Herkunft: 53919 Weilerswist, Deutschland
Genre: Pop
Weitere Genre: Singer-Songwriter
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Kategorie: Band
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Leonora is an extraordinary singer-songwriter with an electrifying mix of Israeli passion and American East Coast attitude. By the age of 5 she had already written her first song. This was followed by saxophone lessons until she finally found her musical niche aged 19 and began to showcase her talent as a singer-songwriter on small stages and in local bars.

2008 Leonora formed her own band, touring the trendy bars and clubs with their captivating programme of pop and rock songs. Their demo recordings even achieved airplay on radio stations in Israel and success was within reach. After following her German husband back to his home country, she refocused entirely on her solo career. Successful concerts and self-produced demos eventually led to the collaboration with the label 9a music.

Leonora’s material is a refreshing blend of elements of pop, rock and folk music. The album was produced in part by Piotr Siejka, who in his Polish homeland has been the man behind many successful recordings and recently took charge of the finalists of the Polish "X-Factor" in the studio. It was recorded at his studio in Poland, with additional recording taking place in the label's own studio near Cologne. The other tracks on the album were produced "at home" in the 9a Studio by Jens Ewald, Sebastian Ruin and Neil Grant.

Leonora's songs are a personal insight into her thoughts and portray an adult woman with a slightly darker side. "Side of Me", the title track, is about facing up to the unpopular facets of your character and the desire to destroy them. In "Heroes" she sings about the difficulties of being your own hero and in "Lonely" the loneliness of the night wins the battle of the emotions. And in "You'll Pay" she sings about the planned revenge on an unfaithful partner. The final product is a lively, honest and international sound.

At her concerts she is accompanied on stage by two experienced musicians: Sebastian Ruin (guitar, bass and cello) has, among others, worked in the Ina Deter band as a guitarist and cellist and is a much sought-after studio musician. Neil Grant (guitar) was on the road for many years with the folk duo Wayfaring Strangers. Together, the trio offers an exciting and multi-faceted stage programme.

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