Goats On The Ceiling

Name: Goats On The Ceiling
Herkunft: 6709RW Wageningen, Holland
Genre: Indie Rock
Weitere Genre: Garage Punk - Alternative Rock
Homepage: Goats On The Ceiling
Demo Songs: Goats On The Ceiling
Kategorie: Band
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Goats On The Ceiling

Goats on the Ceiling are Koen, Felix, Oriana and Svenja. Four students from Wageningen who share their love for music and goats. We play Indie Rock and our songs are characterized by changes in rhythm and style, always surprising. We came together after seeing each other's posts at the Universtiy. Crazy enough, we all agreed on what kind of music we want to make! We play together for 2 years now, had members leave and/or switch instruments, and just finished our first EP.

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