Name: May
Herkunft: 40221 Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Genre: Adult Pop
Weitere Genre: New Wave - Indie Pop
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Kategorie: Band
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Alternative Pop with electronic soundscapes, somewhere between the 1980ties and tomorrow. Analog synths, delay guitars and a fueling rhythm section. MAY is good looking, unique voice – sometimes close to the edge. Political, discriminating lyrics. Definitely no girlie chatter. An independent rock band from the heart of Europe. Emotional borderline. Fire and brimstone. 2 brothers and their crazy sister.

University Radio Airplaycharts: 5 Weeks – Entry #51; Highest position #27
Ruhrcharts: 10 Weeks – Entry #16; Highest position #3

Actual Release
„Poetry For The Braindead” EP [Marx Capital Records]

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Booking Contact
Dießemer Bruch 150e | 47805 Krefeld | t: +49 171 8614 737 | e:

Booking Information
- Available for single shows, support or replacement
- Shows from 30 to 120 minutes
- 5 persons (4 musicians, 1 technician)
- We can provide full PA and technical support on request

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