Name: Patchanka
Herkunft: Kopenhagen, Daenemark
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Ska - Soul
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Demo Songs: Patchanka
Kategorie: Band
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The Danish band Patchanka has been together since their teenage years, when they were formerly known as Drunk in Public, the Danish underground’s answer to NOFX. In 2001, they disbanded, only to rise again after being incited by the glowing embers left by Manu Chao’s unforgettable concert on the renowned Arena Scene at the Roskilde Festival. It was something they had to do. Since 2004, Patchanka, which means ‘the party climax’, has played across most of Europe. Originally a quintet, the band has been friends since they were toddlers, and their musical range rhymes on their individual differences and stance in their lives. Alexander, half Italian, has a passion for latinpunk and balkan music. Multi-instrumentalist Kisku, with Indian roots, is into reggae. Guitarist Anders carries a gigantic James Hetfield tattoo; bassist Jon gets his kick out of indie and rock, and last but not least, the lead vocalist Nick spent most of his youth going deep into old school hip hop and hard-core. They are in very different positions in life than they were a few years ago, but are bound together in the happy family that is the core of Patchanka. Singer Maria Berg convinced the group, through her energetic guest performances, that they needed a little something extra, and following the recordings of the new album in 2013, she is now a fully included member at the Patchanka concerts.

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