Golden Kanine

Name: Golden Kanine
Herkunft: 21434 Malmö, Schweden
Genre: Alternative Rock
Weitere Genre: Folk
Homepage: Golden Kanine
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Kategorie: Band
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“We Were Wrong, Right” is the third album by the acclaimed Swedish six-piece. The sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music – combined with songs, melodies and drive that make you either sigh or cry. Or fight. Or dance. Golden Kanine started off as a loud guitar based Indie-Rock band. Since then, the band has started to experiment with more diverse instruments and a more intimate approach. Now the sound includes mandolins, horns and soaring feedback. Their music progressed quite a bit. They are a loud intimate band. Or a intimate loud band. It’s the bands wish that people will be able to cry as well as dance to the songs. Mission accomplished.

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