Lady Volcano & Band

Name: Lady Volcano & Band
Herkunft: 70327 Stuttgart, Deutschland
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Funk - Hard Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Lady Volcano & Band


The Orient-Rock Lady Volcano formed her rock band in 2012 and released with her band their first album "Lady Volcano", which is rock music about the passion of riding a motorcycle. Her long term relation to oriental music will be expressed now with their second album "Falcon's Dream". DOR - Dark Oriental Rock is a new genre and combines oriental music with hard rock.


Lady Volcano's sympathy for freedom-loving bikers is no accident. Her life style is obviously different from a normal life. She followed the call of adventure because she wanted to become a belly dancer in Egypt and left home with her back-pack. This promised to be interesting and fascinating even the outcome was uncertain. She mastered the challenge and got a job as a solo dancer and performed with her own live musicians. Short after she played a role in TV Series in the Egyptian TV and today she has still a wellknown face in the Arab World.

Back in Germany the professional dancer organized own shows and gave dance workshops. She produced and staged two dance theatres by her own.

After a dance performance at the courtyard of the old castle in Stuttgart a volcano expert compared her to a volcano. She was deeply inspired and wrote her first rock song about passion. Lady Volcano was born.....



Infos für Veranstalter

Dear organizer,

The band are professional artists with up to 20 years of stage experience and we are ready to rock your stage.

An overnight would be great, if the distance is more then 150 km and the concert after 20 h.

If you are interested, please contact us for further informations.


Management of Lady Volcano & Band


220 V
Stage  minim. 8 meter x 6 meter with Drumriser/ Drumrider ( 3 meter  x 2 meter).
Dynacord, JBL, EV, D & B, HK, Kling und FREITAG, Martin AUDIO
Digital or ANALOG with SIDERACK for FOH
6 Auxellery for monitor; 2 AUX Hall/ 2 AUX Effects
31/ 32 Band EQ
Gates for all channels
COMP. for all channels
Feedback Filtering


        2 x VOCALS
        1 x KEYBOARD
        1 x GUITAR

        1 x BASS

4 Movinheads; 2 x 6 er BAR  Long;
2 x Audienceblinder
4 – 8 New LED Bars  2 Showeffects; ACLS


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