Liquid Meat

Name: Liquid Meat
Herkunft: München, Deutschland
Genre: Garage Punk
Weitere Genre: Heavy Metal - Blues Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Liquid  Meat

Liquid Meat is an adrenaline injected, attitude driven, grease drippin, sonically bombastic, testosterone charged, riff heavy, grade A,100% proof, thrash rock n roll machine

It's chief architect of Armageddon is the bavarian born but los angeles raised dominating frontman extraordinaire Freddie Mack who formed the band in LA in 2004, and has since been the sole lyricist and songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, booker, manager, promoter, etc. etc. etc.

After countless gigs on hollywoods finest stages and its dirtiest shitholes, Liquid Meat recorded its debut album Beat the Meatles, followed by a more metal approach on their second album Maximum Carnage.

In 2010, Freddie Mack had enough of the LA scene and packed his bags and returned to his true home in Munich. With his feet barely on his native soil, he got a call to play at Wacken 2012 as an opening act for Henry Rollins on the prestigious Headbanger Stage.

In 2013, he has gotten together with the finest and fiercest rhythm section bavaria and may be all of germany has to offer - joined by the incredible pure bavarian punkrockhippie queen Manu Holmer who keeps the beat from her iron throne and the thundering 4 string berserker Max Horch. Together the power trio are hitting the Bavarian rock circuit and will be gearing up to record the follow up album to Beat The Meatles, called In Meat We Trust... which is the same name as the full length documentary that should be finished about the same time as the record...

... and "In meat we trust" will finally be released in June 2014!

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