Name: J.andy
Herkunft: Maastricht, Holland
Genre: Elektronische Musik
Weitere Genre: Hip Hop - Dance
Homepage: J.andy
Demo Songs: J.andy
Kategorie: Band

J ANDY was born in Romania on 13 January 1987. At the age of 8 years he immigrated to Germany, and then to the Netherlands and Belgium. Coming from a poor country, J knows what it means to be poor and live in a run down area: as a kid he experienced how it is to have no warm food, electricity or warm water.

These experiences have influenced him at an early age and his environment has shaped him. At this time he learned how to be strong and become the best at what you're doing. J received a microphone at the age of 5 and immediately fell in love with it. He stared writing lyrics at 11, first poems, later on songs from all type of music genres.

When he listened to a hip hop song at age 12, he started writing rap songs. He used to rap about his environment, his experiences as a kid and started to set his own agenda for success. J was mainly interested in writing songs and record them. At that age he didn't consider a music career at all.

When he made his own home recording studio at age 19, he also started to record his own songs. He showed them in his circle of friends, to his girlfriend and his parents. J started publishing his tracks only later on, at age 25, starting to upload them on SoundCloud.

There his music received positive feedback and up to now, he maintains 560 followers. Every day there are new people following him. He developed over the years and went from writing hip hop songs to more poppy club songs, like "The Beat", "What we do", "Summertime" and "Smack that". In 2013, he recorded a remix song of the hit single "Ella no sigue modas" by Don Omar and Juan Magan.

Up to now this song has been listened to over a 1000 times and downloaded almost 300 times worldwide. Although these are humble results, J ANDY himself is a humble person who loves music. Currently he is writing and recording more tracks and he looks forward to publish his first music video in 2015.

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