Liquid Meat

Name: Liquid Meat
Herkunft: 80636 München, Deutschland
Genre: Rock'n Roll
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Kategorie: Band
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Liquid Meat

The band originally had its start in Los Angeles many years ago, there Liquid Meat played countless gigs in the dirtiest bars to Hollywoods finest stages and recorded 2 albums.
In 2012, our frontman, Freddie Mack (guitars and vocals) moved back to his hometown, Munich, Germany, where only a few months later he opened for Henry Rollins at the Wacken Open Air in 2013.
In 2013, he rebuilt the band with its first all German line up. The first to hear the battle cry was the 21 year old Manuela "Manu" Holmer who was just about to finish her degree as "Ensembleleiterin für Orchestralischesschlagwerk" or Ensemble leader for Orchestral Percussion, but at heart she is a rock n roll punk queen who to Freddie Mack was worth her weight in gold. Even though she could of not lived further away, living in Plattling- a most rural place in Bavaria, her skills, desire, and just beyond awesome Bavarian dialect made her perfect to take the iron throne and become the new heart beat of Liquid Meat. The next in line, was Max Horch, a thundering four string motherfucker from Kassel, the likes of which Mack never had the privilege of working with before in the pursuit of Rock N Roll dominance. The rhythm section was complete, Liquid Meat was complete, and together they propelled the music to the highest level it has ever been. This was clear to Mack after their first rehearsal, and with no hesitation he started booking shows. Before they even played their first show, which was after 4 short rehearsals, the Liquid Meat crew had 6 gigs waiting for them and it just continued to snowball from there. In the first 6 months they played 20 shows, won 2 online fan voting competitions which won them spots at local festivals, were featured 4 times in the newspaper, gave podcast interviews, and in April of 2014, they started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their new album "In Meat We Trust." The band recorded 28 songs in 6 days with the legendary Producer simply known as Mack (Queen, ELO,Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple)
and here is what the legend had to say about his experience with Liquid Meat:
With their motto, "no stage too big, no bar too small, we are Liquid Meat and we will rock 'em all", the power trio is determined to leave their mark…. First, Munich, then the World!

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