Name: Oneiric
Herkunft: 52062 Aachen, Deutschland
Genre: Death Metal
Weitere Genre: Thrash Metal
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Demo Songs: Oneiric
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Oneiric

ONEIRIC from Aachen, Germany

– A fierce mixture of thrash metal and melodic death metal with catchy melodies and wide-ranging riffs! Hard, up-tempo riffs meet dreamy melodies, paired with pressing drums, harsh bass and brutal shouts, sometimes accompanied by beautiful clean vocals.

ONEIRIC thrill their audience with authentic, compelling performances! Each song is whipped over the stage from the bottom of their hearts.

The band emerged from War On Art in early 2013. By June 2013, they released their first recorded song, Nothing Is Real, from an in-house production, which also was featured on an underground music sampler (Brainbuster Music Collection Vol. 2, by Brainbuster Music Production). Rather quickly, they arranged a live set, consisting of old material, as well as new songs. Now they engage in live performences, inside and outside of Germany, to establish their reputation.

ONEIRIC: Pascal Brüll (guitar), Christian „Abe“ Hellenthal (guitar), Felix „Fibble“ Jaquemot (drums), Timon Ortloff (vocals) and Luca Johnen (bass + backing vocals).

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Timon Ortloff
Templergraben 20
52062 Aachen


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