Name: Rebel.ex
Herkunft: 46049 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Genre: Metal
Homepage: Rebel.ex
Demo Songs: Rebel.ex
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Rebel.ex

“Rebel.Ex is a metal band from Germany. It’s that kind of sound that definately pushes our buttons and which we’re really dedicated to play, without serving any pathetic lame ass scene or trend. It’s back to the roots and in your face music that you can do nothing but bang your head to.”

The five individuals, as a band REBEL.EX, are interested in delivering an honest and true sound, which lays the focus on the only thing that matters, music itself. With the corroding effects of superficion sneaking into worlds that were safe from it once, Rebel.Ex is forced to refresh the meaning of "Raw & Real". Without any silly attempt to turn everything upside down that has been done in the past so well, the band stands up for its musical roots, and unleashes its own interpretation and shape of what they love.

With a voice that seperates itself from mainstream radiorock and riffs that will shake your spine. What was founded in late twentyeleven, seems to be a good way of playing heavy metal and rock.


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