Name: Painhead
Herkunft: 9400 Rorschach, Schweiz
Genre: Independent
Weitere Genre: Post Punk - Alternative
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Kategorie: Band
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Positive energized indie-country-whatever-postpunk for grown-ups.

They are always the last to leave the bar. And they'll be the last to call it quits: 17 years ago, PAINHEAD played their first power chord, and to this day the line-up remains unvaried. Some things though might have changed: The four guys don't smoke in the rehearsal room anymore, and sometimes they prefer to drink their beer out of a glass instead of a can. And, of course, some new songs have been written as well.

In their sound, some hear a bit of the Foo Fighters, others compare them to Biffy Clyro. Singer Marco Klein, the singer calls it cross-over, but isn't really sure in what genres they are crossing over. So let's just call it a sputtering of punk rock, neither cheap nor afflicted by any trash-fashion vibes. These four best friends don't need the drainpipe jeans or tattoed arms to impress the crowd, their passion and their music is enough.

Infos für Veranstalter

Lean back. Itís quite simple.

We are 4-6 people on the road, depending if youíre
providing an in-house technician for both light &
sound. No one is vegan, vegetarian or has other special
demands. All we need is your PA consisting of a
mixer with 8 channels minimum, enough microphones
and preferably 3-4 monitors. We bring the
whole backline (2 guitar-amps, 1 bass amp, 1 drum).
We use only clean and distortion effects. No complicated
gadgets so far. Weíre happy about some
stunning stagelight and a carpet for the drum.
Thatís it.

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