New Opera Hero

Name: New Opera Hero
Herkunft: E9 London / Berlin, England
Genre: Indie Pop
Weitere Genre: Alternative - Elektronische Musik
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Kategorie: Band
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New Opera Hero

New Opera Hero (N.O.H) is a unique combination of live band and electronic dance act like a 2014 version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" meets Gorillaz. They perform post electro/rock and driving electronica inside a virtual world of holographic projections and interactive technology. In their award-winning concerts they take to the stage as brain cells inside the head of a giant baby as he rebels against the rules and expectations that are dictated by society.

a new audiovisual extravaganza that is flexible enough to bring their unique take on band performance to concert stages. This new show, "EAT WORK SLEEP", has a visual production that rivals the work N.O.H have done for international opera and concert productions like the Pet Shop Boys' world tour or the Ring Cycle in Tokyo.

Steff Ungerer and Michael Wilson, the duo behind N.O.H have directed, composed and designed on an international level before a collaboration with Asian Dub Foundation for the English National Opera in London inspired them to create their own cross-genre opera, which premiered in May 2009 at the Royal Opera in Liege, Belgium.

After  that N.O.H switched from a classical/experimental sound to Electro/Rock, headlining major performance stages like Lowry Manchester with their 3D holographic concert show EAT WORK SLEEP, which won them both the audience and jury prize at the MAMA Awards in  2012 for a second year in a row.

In 2013 they teamed up with the talented singers Damian Agon and Josie Lloyd, the drummer Yuval Welzer (Sam and the Womb), Tom Hammond  (live sound) and David Abra (lighting) to premiere a new audiovisual show on the main dance stage of Fusion Festival, Germany. This live AV set only requires a front projector and back screen with standard switch over times and allowed them for the first time to play shared music stages as any other band. This year and still controlled by their interactive baby, they are adding some hard-edged EDM to merge their live music fan base with a club oriented crowd.

N.O.H have already made a big impact on the AV scene but to move the genre even further they are currently developing a touring platform for cross-disciplinary music performance in collaboration with Kinetica Museum.

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The basic live AV set only requires a front projector and back screen with standard switch over times and can easily be programmed on shared music stages that are at least 3m high. For information on the full 3D Holographic version please contact us.

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